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WeWorkingWomen regularly produce video and livestream content that is showcased across our platforms.


WeWorkingWomen regularly hosts conversations with industry leaders,  entrepreneurs 

and special guests who share their experience and insights with our community

Interview with Cui Zukowski , National Director, Asian client Strategy, Private Banking, Scotiabank

银行高管揭秘:影响职场晋升的关健因素——对话: 丰业银行 National Director Cui Zukowski

Interview with Yollanda Zhang, Mental Health Advocate and Entrepreneur 

女仕界访谈:与Bipolar Disorder共度 23年的企业家Yollanda Zhang

Livestream Interview with Dr. Toni Zhong, Plastic Surgeon, Professor and Humanitarian


Interview with Dianna Jiang, Founder of Gifted People Services 


Livestream Interview with Ivan Wanis Ruiz, Public Speaking Expert

Livestream Interview with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Christine Cho

Interview with Lauren Jane Heller, Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of Shine+Leadership



Interview with Mackenzie Investors Mona Zhang, Senior Portfolio Manager, Mackenzie Investments

职场对上对下有效沟通的技巧|女仕界访谈:Mackenzie Investments基金经理Mona Zhang

100 Coffee Chats
100个Coffee Chat

 WeWorkingWomen President Sherry Zhang introduces the stories of outstanding Chinese women around the world.

Cindy Lee, Founder of T&T Supermarket 

加拿大华人连锁超市大统华创始人 Cindy Lee

Chan Hon Goh, Prima Ballerina and Head of Goh Ballet 


Tina Liu, Toronto Corporate Lawyer breaking glass ceilings 

在多伦多金融街执业的律师老兵Tina Liu

Rao Chen, Wall Street VP and Philanthropist 

把公益当事业来追求的华尔街投行Vice President 饶宸

Zhang Mei, Founder of Wild China