Economic impact

Since Oct 2017, WeWorkingWomen has helped over hundreds of women business owners.

Improving the Canadian economy

Many  of our community members describe their learning experience with WWW as a life-changing, and have since embarked on a successful journey to grow their business ventures in Canada. These efforts help grow Chinese women-run businesses in Canada, provide more job opportunities, generate more revenue and, ultimately, improve the Canadian economy. In January 2020, WWW’s story was featured in the ROB section of The Globe and Mail.

women empowerment

Jiayin Bao Ph.D, Founder of BAO Laboratory Inc.

“#WeWorkWomen is one of a kind, joining the group feels like digging into a treasure chest. This is where you learn the essentials as fresh entrepreneurs, and also get tailored solutions for your start-up company. Sounds like a personalized MBA program? Yes, but it goes beyond that. Not only do they help you with your marketing, but they bring customers to your door by building your brand. They're always supportive, inspiring, and innovative.  Highly recommend to entrepreneurs at any stage.”

women empowerment

Emily Gao, Jewelry Designer/Owner of Emily Gao

“I have learned more from WeWorkingWomen in 2 months than 4 years at my university business program. I strongly encourage my fellow businesswomen to participate in their programs. The new knowledge and fresh concepts I have gained not only make me a better business owner, but also help me understand how to build a good brand.”


Xiaoda Wang, CEO and Founder of Ivy Financial Service

“Under the guidance of WeWorkingWomen's Founder Hua, I have finally started to understand the power of building a brand. Before meeting Hua, I didn't know what a brand was, let alone its value. When Hua helped me peel back my business like an onion, layer by layer, I finally discovered my company's core values, its positioning and how it sizes up to its competitors. With this new understanding, my marketing efforts, products/services and customer relations have been completely remodeled. Now, I have a clear head and much happier clients. Thank you very much Hua.”