About Us

WeWorkingWomen is North America’s leading digital company that supports and showcases global Chinese women’s capabilities and influences.


First launched as a Wechat blog in October 2015 by business strategist Hua Yu and social media specialist Sherry Zhang, WeWorkingWomen has rapidly evolved into a vibrant media platform and digital community of readers, contributors, and corporate partners, who connect online through content and conversations, as well as offline via events, professional development workshops, and speaker series.

WeWorkingWomen’s dynamic platform attracts a growing member base that extends beyond North American to include Europe, Australia, China, and Greater Asia.

“We Achieve, We Empower, We Impact”

With the mission of inspiring personal, professional, and business growth through unity and community, #WeWorkingWomen connects subscribers and partners around the world with the motto “We Achieve, We Empower, We Impact”.